Instagram’s new sticker changes the way content is reshared to your stories

Instagram’s reshare sticker not only boosts the quality of reshared posts but also encourages people to become more thoughtful when reposting someone else’s story as their own.


  • Instagram is testing a new reshare sticker in the mobile app
  • It encourages more thoughtful resharing of content in your stories
  • Reshared content can include IGTV, Reels, posts and feed video

Promotional graphics showing the reshare sticker in Instagram stories on iPhone
Image credit: Instagram

Instagram’s reshare sticker is now being tested

Instagram wants you to be more thoughtful when resharing content so it recently began testing a new reshare sticker that can be placed in your own stories.

Currently, you can repost feed content as your own story but doing so requires you to go to your feed and use the post options. Not only does that encourage impulse reposting but also looks quite unattractive, too—a piece of content reshared from the post options will stand alone against a plain background in your story, which isn’t very engaging.

To up the quality of reshared posts, Instagram is testing the new reshare sticker that encourages more thoughtful resharing, as opposed to just reckless sharing on the fly. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch it’s testing the new sticker with a subset of its users.

We know that people sometimes find reshared content less engaging, personal and fun. We hope that with this new test experience, people are encouraged to be more intentional and deliberate when sharing things that matter to them.

An Instagram spokesperson

Posts reshared with the new sticker are rendered against your story’s backdrop like a photo, video, text and more. By making reshared posts look better in your own stories, Instagram hopes to encourage more personalization and make people think twice before resharing.

Upon selecting it in the sticker tray, the reshare sticker will open a list of recently-viewed Instagram content for you to choose from. You can choose from recently created posts, as well as feed videos, IGTV and Reel content seen in the last hour.

Who can use Instagram’s new reshare sticker?

If you’re included in this limited test, you should be able to find Instagram’s new reshare sticker right in the sticker tray when creating a new story. Of course, the Facebook-owned company could choose to expand this test should early user feedback prove positive.

If not, the feature will be nixed.

Instagram is testing several other features as well, including a new linking sticker, new monetization options that would make exclusive stories only available to subscribers, mixing algorithmic recommendations into the main feed and more.