The best stands for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Keeping your work space tidy is important. There are a variety of ways to do this, and it all comes down to the devices you have in front of you. And how you want it all to look, of course. So this week we’re looking at some great stands for your MacBook Air and/or MacBook Pro.

Stands come in various sizes and designs. Some of them will help you keep access to your laptop, while others will keep it off to the side, out of view if you need. Depending on your needs, you’ll surely find one that fits the task at hand in the roundup below.

So let’s get to it.

The best MacBook Air/Pro stands

Twelve South

This may seem about as straightforward as a stand can be, but since it’s a product from Twelve South it has that little extra you’d expect. It comes in either Space Grey or Silver, aiming to match whichever MacBook Air or MacBook Pro you put inside of it. No Rose Gold option, though, unfortunately.

The BookArc is designed to save space, allowing you to set things underneath your MacBook if you need to as well. The stand itself is designed to maximize airflow while your computer is in use. And of course, with Apple’s “closed clamshell mode,” you can use your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an external monitor.

The stand also features what Twelve South calls an integrated cable catch design, so it will keep some of your cables in tidy order and out of the way. And finally, the stand itself is made from aluminum. The BookArc is available now from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South BookArc for $48.99


This stand from SAMDI offers a full-grain walnut design. It’s perfectly capable of being placed on your desk, and you’ll have plenty of space underneath to put more stuff if you need. But it can also work on the couch or in the bed, too.

There is also a birch option.

The stand can handle a variety of different devices, including the MacBook range, an iPad on a separate stand (or not), and plenty of other laptops. It can actually hold up to 200 pounds. The stand props up the MacBook into a great viewing angle, so you’ll be able to keep your neck comfortable while you work.

The SAMDI laptop stand is available now from Amazon.

Buy SAMDI MacBook stand for $55.99

Rain Design

Perhaps a more traditional design, at least compared to the others. This stand will help you save some space on your desk, while raising the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to eye level (up to 5.9 inches). It’s made from aluminum, it’s plenty sturdy, and it serves as a heat sink to keep the MacBook cool with regular usage.

There is a hole on the back of the stand that’s two inches in diameter. This is the cable management system, so your cables are all in one area rather than going every which way. The mStand actually comes in Silver, Space Gray, and in Rose Gold so you can definitely match it up to your MacBook of choice.

There’s a bit of a surprise in another variant of the mStand. That one’s called the mStand360, and it features a rotating base. This means you can simply rotate the stand itself to access the cable management system, get to ports if you need, or quickly and easily share your screen.

The mStand (and mStand360) is available now from Amazon.

Buy Rain Design mStand for $49.90


This is the stand with the smallest profile. It’s made from a black walnut, with rubber padding on the bottom of the stand to make sure it doesn’t slide all over the desk. Meanwhile, the stand itself is adjustable, with felt pads inside to grip the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and keep it in place.

To adjust the stand, there are four screws on the bottom of the stand. the stand supports laptops up to 1.5 inches in thickness. And thanks to its design, it’s obviously not taking up a lot of space on the desk, with full access to ports.

The HumanCentric laptop stand is available now from Amazon.

Buy HumanCentric MacBook stand for $34.99

Twelve South Curve

This is another option from Twelve South. In this case, it’s the Curve. It’s another stand that will help get your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro up and out of the way, freeing up more space on your desk. It will also make sure your laptop’s screen is eye level, helping you not strain with daily use. All told, the Curve lifts your laptop (and it certainly works with Windows-based PCs as well) a total of six inches off the desk.

The Curve comes in white and black, features anti-slip silicone pads, and bent arms to keep your laptop in place. And since your laptop is lifted up off the desk, it also offers up a better cooling experience as well. Twelve South says the stand keeps 70% of the laptop’s base exposed, helping with airflow.

The Twelve South Curve stand for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is available now from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South Curve for $54.99

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