How to adjust date, time, and location of photos and videos

With iOS 15, you no longer need a third party app to adjust the date, time, and location information on a photo in your iPhone. You can now make the changes directly from the Photos app. The new feature works great in the iOS 15 developer beta, and lets you easily make the changes. The Photos app now shows you most of the EXIF data for any photo or video.

In this article, you’ll learn how to adjust the date, time, and location of photos and videos in iOS 15.

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How to edit date and time in Photos

As mentioned earlier, these changes can now be done in the stock Photos app in iOS 15. Earlier, you’d have to use third party apps such as Exif Metadata to edit the date and time in photos. You can now do the same thing with the Photos app, and here’s how.

1) Launch the Photos app on your iPhone and select any photo or video.

2) Tap the ‘i’ button located in bottom bar, or swipe up on the photo or video after opening it.

Adjust Photos iOS 15

3) Click on the Adjust button next to the date and time information.

Adjust date time in Photos iOS 15

You can now adjust the day, date, and time of the photo or video. Once you’ve finished making the changes, tap the Done button on the top right corner.

Note: Changing the date and time will move the photo or video’s position in your Photo library.

How to edit location tag in Photos

Apart from changing the date and time in photos or videos in iOS 15, you’re also able to change the geolocation data of the image/video. This could come in handy when you don’t want people to know where a photo or video was taken. Here’s how to edit location tag in the Photos app.

1) Open Photos on your iPhone running iOS 15.

2) Select an image or video, and tap the ‘i’ button or swipe up.

3) You should see the location information with a Map preview.

Geolocation Photos iOS 15

4) Tap on the Map and then select Edit on the top right corner.

Edit Location Photos

5) Search for the new location from the search bar and select one. It will automatically change the location data of the image or video.

Edit location Photos iOS 15

If you want to revert back to the original geolocation data, then simply repeat all the above steps, and select Revert in the Edit page. You can also remove the geolocation tag from a photo and video, if you don’t want anyone to know the location.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to adjust the date, time, and location of photos or videos on your iPhone. One of the main reason is privacy, and with iOS 15, you can do it without installing any other app. However, for viewing and editing more metadata points beyond just date, time, and location, you will still have to use a third-party app, and EXIF Metadata, an app made by iDB, is a great place to start.