Eligible Mayo Clinic patients can now see their health records on iPhone

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most noteworthy health facilities in the United States. And beginning today, it’s offering another helpful option for eligible patients. The organization confirmed that Apple’s Health Records on the iPhone now supports patient information from Mayo Clinic.

Announced today, this means that select Mayo Clinic patients can store their health records within the Health Records section of the Health app on iPhone. The clinic’s announcement says that patients are eligible if they take part in the Patient Online Services initiative offered by the facility.

The new feature is now available for those who wish to start using it.

Health Records on iPhone

From today’s announcement:

There are more ways than ever for patients to be actively engaged in their health care, and smartphone apps can be helpful for accessing records and tracking daily fitness and diet,’ says Steve Ommen, M.D., medical director of Experience Products for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health. ‘We want patients who are interested in these apps to be able to use them securely and enhance their health care at Mayo Clinic.

The Health Records feature for the iPhone is designed to make it easy for individuals to store their health data in one spot. This can aggregate data from a variety of different sources — which can also make it a great tool for doctors and other health care workers. The feature is supported in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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The good news, too, is that this new support is opt-in for patients interested in trying it out. It’s not mandatory by any means. So even though the iOS platform is secure, and therefore so is the individual’s health data, if they don’t want to store it on their iPhone that’s perfectly okay.

The new feature is now live.