How to connect and view your health records in the Health app

The Health app on iPhone continues to improve with features that are important to your health. You can track of your sleep patterns, log your symptoms if you’re ill, keep an eye on your weight, and much more.

Another helpful feature is the ability to connect your health records from hospitals and health networks. This lets you see everything from lab results to immunizations to procedures, all in one convenient spot.

Here, we’ll show you how to connect health records and view them in the Health app on iPhone.

Health records on iPhone

Connect a health network

To get started, open the Health app on your iPhone and tap your profile photo or icon on the top right. You can do this from either the Summary or Browse tab. Then, follow these steps.

1) With your profile open, select Health Records under Features.

2) Tap Get Started. Optionally, you can read up on the feature by tapping About Health Records & Privacy.

Health Records, Get Started on iPhone

3) You’ll be asked if you want to use your location to search for health networks nearby. Make your selection, continue on to find a location, and select it.

4) Under Available to Connect, choose an option for Connect to Account.

5) When prompted, sign in to your account for that location and tap to Allow Access.

Health Records, Connect and Allow Access on iPhone

6) Hit Next after you see your account was added.

7) Optionally, you can help Apple improve the Health app. Tap Allow or Don’t Allow per your preference.

Health Records, Account Added and Help Option on iPhone

Within a few minutes, you should see your health records update from the health network you chose.

To add another account, open your profile, select Health Records, and tap Add Account. You’ll then follow the same steps to locate, sign in, and add the other network.

Health Records, Add Account on iPhone

View your health records

You can view your health records easily once they’re added. Open Health and go to the Browse tab. Scroll down to Health Records.

Tap to view Allergies, Clinical Visits, Conditions, Immunizations, Lab Results, Medications, and Procedures.

Health Records on iPhone

Within each category, you can sort by Last Updated or alphabetically. Tap any item on the list for full details.

Remove a health record account

If you decide to remove an account that you’ve added, it’s easy enough in the Health app.

1) Tap your profile on the top right.

2) Select Health Records under Features.

3) Choose the account and tap Remove Account.

4) Confirm by tapping Remove Account & Delete Data.

Health Records, Remove Account from iPhone

You can also do this is if you’re viewing your health records. Scroll to the bottom of Health Records on the Browse tab, select the account, and tap Account Details. From there, choose Remove Account and confirm.

Wrapping it up

If you use the Health app for keeping track of your heart, weight, activity, nutrition, and other health items, connecting a healthcare network keeps everything on one place. Are you going to add your health records?