iOS 15 may adopt new food tracking features, tweaks to the UI and Messages app, and much more

Credit where credit is due: Apple has managed to keep the lid on many of the upcoming changes planned for iOS’s next major update. But today sees a slight change of pace.

While the rumor mill has remained pretty quiet regarding any changes Apple is planning for iOS’s next update, today sees a brief addition to what we’ve heard in the past. Late yesterday, writer Connor Jewiss tweeted out that they had seen some elements of iOS 15 ahead of its big debut in early June. And, today, Jewiss has offered up some very limited details.

A quick bullet list has a handful of details regarding what Apple’s next iOS update will offer. It’s expected the new software will be known as iOS 15, following up on the successful launch of iOS 14 last year. But, that’s not part of the list. According to Jewiss, iOS 15 is going to adopt some tweaks to the Dark Mode UI, offer up new food tracking features in the Health app, tweak the Messages app, broader UI changes, and new notifications settings and how notifications look on the Lock Screen.

This list from Jewiss does seem to confirm some earlier rumors, namely in that the Lock Screen will be getting an update with iOS 15. Previously, there was a report from Bloomberg that said Apple has big plans for the Home Screen with iPadOS 15, planning to introduce the biggest change to the mobile OS to date. And, indeed, that report also mentioned a major change to notifications and a new look for the Lock Screen as well.

Unfortunately, Jewiss’s tweet doesn’t come with any additional information. However, it’s certainly not without merit, as it does appear to confirm what we’ve heard in the past up to this point.

The other rumors

Back in April, there was another report that said Apple is planning on a few other changes for iOS 15 and the new iPhone lineup expected to debut later this year. On the software side of things, Apple is reportedly going to adopt a more macOS-like Control Center for iOS 15. This change will make the feature more compact overall.

And on the hardware side, that report suggested that the upcoming flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max (probably) will feature both Touch ID and Face ID. If that rumor pans out, then Apple is going to introduce this dual biometric security feature in just one 2021 iPhone model, which will likely be the biggest, most powerful, and most expensive option.

So, quite a bit to look forward to. Apple has confirmed that this year’s WWDC keynote will take place on Monday, June 7. It starts at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET. We’ll be bringing you live coverage of the event as it happens.

Is there anything else you’re hoping Apple will add to iOS 15 this year?