Select Verizon customers can get up to 12 months of Apple Arcade free starting May 25

Verizon has been offering deals related to Apple Music for quite some time now, starting with six months free, and then something a bit more permanent. And now the wireless carrier is going to offer a similar deal for another one of Apple’s services.

Today, Verizon Wireless announced that beginning Tuesday, May 25, 2021, wireless subscribers on unlimited plans will get access to six or 12 months of free Apple Arcade service. The deal is available for either new or existing customers. Any customer on an unlimited plan will be eligible for six months of Apple Arcade at no additional cost.

Meanwhile, Verizon customers that are subscribed to the wireless carrier’s “Play More” or “Get More” unlimited plans will get 12 months of Apple Arcade. That’s a $4.99 per month value right there, and that’s on top of the other deals Verizon offers, like the Disney+ bundle (which includes Hulu (with ads), Disney+, and ESPN+ at no extra cost), as well as other entertainment packages.

What’s more, the offering also includes Google‘s similar subscription service for games, Google Play Pass. That also costs $4.99 per month normally.

Per today’s announcement, which also promotes 5G:

Whether you’re a casual gamer, a hardcore gamer or everything in between, you need a powerful network to ensure you have the best chance to beat the competition. Luckily, Verizon has your back, so all you have to worry about is how much free time you have to play.

If you’re gaming on the go, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband levels up your entertainment experience with super-fast game downloads, so you have your favorite games with you wherever you are. Love massive multiplayer online games? 5G Ultra Wideband’s lower lag times ensure your character does what they are supposed to do the moment you click the button. The only thing that matters is the speed of your fingers.

This promotion begins on May 25, so if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer that’s interested in it, keep an eye out for it beginning tomorrow.