Apple and Epic Games apparently considered a subscription bundle offering Apple TV+, Fortnite Club, and Apple Music

Right now, Apple and Epic Games are starting their trial of the ages. And yet, outside of that trial, a juicy detail has been discovered.

Twitter user @TioFFMX published a couple of different photos to their account today, each of which describing a few Apple-related details. Namely, how Fortnite Club (later dubbed Fortnite Crew in the United States) would bring in money for Epic Games and Apple. But another image also reveals that a subscription bundle, with Fortnite and two of Apple’s services, was also considered.

As noted by 9to5Mac, the fact that the images show Apple TV+ as one of the service options suggests this whole idea was brewed up sometime after March of 2019. That’s when Apple made the service officially official. But, specifics of when talks between the two companies are unknown at this time.

As far as the details go, it looks like Apple and Epic Games were considering a bundle that would offer access to Fortnite Club/Crew, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ for $20 per month. That would save folks about $6 per month when buying them separately.

The other image shows us the breakdown for payout, as far as the companies were concerned. If a customer purchased the bundle through Apple directly, that would net Apple $15 per monthly subscription, while Epic Games would net the remaining $5. But, if the customer purchased the subscription directly from them, then Epic would net $12 and Apple would get the remainder.

Here’s the tweet:

As you can imagine, it didn’t work out. Or, it doesn’t look like it worked out. Again, no word on when these talks went through. But, it’s safe to assume that they’re probably not going back to the table right now.

If this bundle would have seen the light of day, would you have gone for it?