One analyst believes Apple is going to share some information about Apple Car relatively soon

Apple has a lot of different projects in the work at any given time, which the company tries very hard to keep secret until it deems it’s the right time to share. One such project is supposedly “Project Titan”, with the teams reportedly working on Apple’s first automobile.

While the rumor mill has been going on about Apple’s first automobile for quite some time now, Apple itself has remained quiet on the topic. Which is to be expected. However, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives believes that with an automobile Apple will need to change things up a bit. Start laying the groundwork a bit earlier, and in a more public way.

As such, Ives made a comment recently on CNBC Television saying as much. He believes Apple will start sharing information about the Apple Car sometime relatively soon, maybe as soon as this summer. So within the next three to six months.

However, even if Apple does go down that route, Ives still believes Apple won’t be ready to actually show off a car in any meaningful capacity until at least 2024. That would line up with earlier rumors, some of which have said Apple’s car will feature “next level” battery technology under the hood.

Ives says that Apple needs to start sharing information in this way so that it can find the necessary partners to work with to make the car a reality. And, indeed, there have been plenty of rumors leaning into that idea, too. Just recently it was reported that both LG and Magna could work with Apple to bring the car to market in the future. But nothing’s been confirmed in that regard quite yet.

Apple’s been working on Project Titan for quite some time. And while the rumors haven’t stopped entirely, things really started heating up in the tail end of 2020. Expectations are high that the Apple Car is indeed a real product Apple plans on launching in the near-ish future.