How to switch users on Mac from the Control Center or menu bar

If you have a shared computer in your household, then you know what it’s like to hand your Mac over to someone else regularly. To make the task of switching users a bit easier, you can put a button in your Control Center, menu bar, or both.

Here, we’ll show you how to add a switch for users in both spots on your Mac.

Switch users from Control Center and menu bar

Luckily, there is one place in your Mac’s settings that allows you to add the button to your Control Center and/or menu bar.

1) Open System Preferences using the Apple icon in the menu bar or Dock icon.

2) Select Dock & Menu Bar.

3) On the left side, scroll down to Other Modules and select Fast User Switching.

4) On the right, check the box for Show in Menu Bar or Show in Control Center. You can check both boxes if you want it in each spot.

Dock and Menu Bar Fast User Switching

Now you have an easy way to switch between users on Mac. Click one of those buttons and choose the other user or display the Login Window if you prefer.

Switch Users from the Mac Menu Bar

Customize the menu bar button

While the Fast User Switching button that appears in the Control Center is simply a contact icon, you can choose something different for the menu bar.

1) Open System Preferences.

2) Select Users & Groups.

3) Unlock the padlock in the lower left corner with your Mac username and password.

4) Click Login Options.

5) If you’ve already added Fast User Switching to your menu bar with the steps above, the box will already be checked for Show fast user switching menu as. Click the drop-down to the right of it and choose Full Name, Account Name, or Icon per your preference.

Users and Groups Fast User Switching

You can then relock the padlock and close the System Preferences.

Keep in mind, this setting only changes the button in the menu bar, not the Control Center. There currently isn’t an option to change the Control Center icon.

Switch Users from the Mac Menu Bar and Control Center

Wrapping it up

When others in your home share your Mac, you want a quick and easy way to switch between users. With the button in your Control Center or menu bar, you have exactly that. Which location do you prefer?

For more, look at how to share files and documents between users of a same Mac or how to manage root users on your Mac.