Downtime #390: Another one bites the dust

Your favorite co-hosts Sebastien and Cody run down last week’s major tech headlines including LG shutting down its smartphone business and Apple announcing WWDC. The pair also talk Apple TV remote, and rumors of Apple’s mixed reality headset. And of course, so now famous listeners’ Q&A.

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Follow up: VO2 Max in Apple Watch

The obituary section:

Apple officially announces that WWDC 2021 kicks off June 7 in an all-online format

Apple may announce its mixed-reality headset at an in-person event ‘sometime in the next several months’

Siri adds a pair of new voices and will no longer default to a female voice in iOS 14.5

A new report reiterates that Apple is working on a redesigned remote for the next Apple TV

tvOS 14.5 beta may hint at a redesigned Apple TV remote with a ‘center button’

Apple Arcade expands with more than 30 new games, now includes ‘timeless classics’

What we’ve been watching:

  • Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max


Mark as by email: who would win out of you two in a drinking contest?

Harry asks by email: If you had to go down to owning and using only one Apple device in your life, which device and why?

Jonathan asks on Twitter: What is your favorite Apple product? Not necessarily the one you use the most or most essential but the one that makes you happiest? For me, it’s the iPad Pro 11 in w/ Magic Keyboard. It’s great for reading comics/books and though iPadOS is limited, it serves its purpose for me.

Dave asks on Twitter:  If Apple adds 120hz to their new iPhone, what affect if any do you think it will have on the iPhone battery?

Preston asks on Twitter: What is the ideal price you guys have in mind for AirTags and do you see Apple letting you buy more than one in bulk pricing? Keep up the great work!

Nathan asks on Twitter:  What’s your morning routine? Do you unlock your phone and browse in bed for a bit or get up and get things done before even touching your phone? What’s the first app you use to start your day?

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