Goodbye, Periscope: Twitter’s once popular live-streaming service is no longer available

Aside from the just-discontinued Cortana for iPhone, you can now put Twitter-owned Periscope on your list of popular services that completely shut down on April 1, 2021.


  • The Periscope service has completely shut down.
  • The Periscope app has been removed from app stores.
  • The Periscope team is working on Twitter’s Spaces.
  • Former Periscope users can stream on Twitter Live.

An illustration showing logos of Twitter and Periscope set against a light blue background

Periscope goes down the drain

The announcement was made by Periscope’s official account on Twitter.

This is it. Our final goodbye. Today is the last day the Periscope app will be available. We leave you with our gratitude for all the creators and viewers who brighten the Periscope community. We hope to see you all live on Twitter.

Twitter did issue an advance warning in December of last year confirming the coming end of Periscope, and now they’ve followed through with that promise.

The Periscope app has been pulled from both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Periscope was the future of news

Periscope arrived in March 2015 when live video-streaming wasn’t prevalent, immediately grabbing headlines with a live look at breaking news events streamed within seconds.

How to go live with a friend on Instagram

The app’s received regular service and feature updates throughout its lifetime, including live sketchingsupport for 360-degree video, live broadcasting from DJi drones and more. But not even regular improvements were enough to keep the app afloat, more so as other live-streaming solutions from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter itself began to gain prominence.

The Twitter Live feature, for instance, lets people go live on Twitter with Twitter live stream feeds. As a matter of fact, Twitter Live now integrates the most popular features of Periscope.