Next iPhone SE may retain 4.7-inch screen; 2023 model rumored to adopt punch-hole design

Apple isn’t giving up on the iPhone SE anytime soon, at least based on the latest rumors circulating about the device.

According to display analyst Ross Young (via MacRumors), Apple is not going to make any major changes to the display size for the iPhone SE when the new model sees the light of day. Young says the upcoming iPhone SE refresh will see the handset keep the 4.7-inch display size. It will also be an LCD display, too.

Young also says the new iPhone SE will see the light of day in 2022, and that it may feature 5G wireless connectivity with sub-6Ghz support on board. That would line up with a recent report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that a new iPhone SE with 5G will launch in 2022.

The refresh in 2022 will be a minor one, according to Young. But, things may get interesting after that. Young goes on in his tweet, saying there are rumors suggesting Apple will adopt a punch-hole design for the iPhone SE in 2023, rather than boasting a standard notch. What’s more, that device will apparently feature a 6.1-inch display size — quite an uptick from the current model.

That hole punch display design may not just be a future design change for the iPhone SE, either. Back in March, Kuo said that Apple is planning on switching to the design for some of the 2022 iPhone lineup. If Apple does make the change, it will likely be for the high-end, most expensive iPhone options of that year. However, it’s possible that Apple could adopt the design change for all iPhone models next year, too.

You can see that hole punch design in Android devices from manufactures like Samsung. Apple’s been said to be planning to remove the notch for quite some time, and adopting this design philosophy would certainly do that. Of course, if Apple does go this route we’ll probably never hear the end of it from Samsung.

Are you hoping to see Apple adopt the hole punch design for future iPhones?