How to remove the Feedback Assistant app from iOS beta devices

The Feedback Assistant is an app that comes along with joining the program and installing the beta version of iOS on your device. The app gives you an easy way to pass along issues you find and sends information like diagnostic files to Apple.

Once you finally finish with the public beta and update your device to the commercial version of iOS, you may notice that the Feedback Assistant is still there. So how do you get rid of it when there’s no option to delete it? That’s what we’re here to show you.

Remove the Feedback Assistant

The Feedback Assistant will remain on your device as long as the beta profile is still there. To remove the app, you’ll need to delete the beta profile on your iPhone or iPad.

That catch; however, is that your device will no longer receive public beta versions. Following the steps below unenrolls your device from the Apple Beta Software Program. When the next iOS version begins rolling out public beta versions, you can head back to the program to reenroll your device for the new OS.

1) Open the Settings on your device and choose General.

2) Select Profiles.

3) Tap the iOS & iPadOS Beta Software Profile.

4) Select Remove Profile at the bottom.

5) If prompted, enter your passcode and tap Remove.

Remove Apple iOS Beta Profile on iPad

Once you remove the beta profile and restart your device, the Feedback Assistant app should be gone.

Wrapping it up

The Feedback Assistant is a helpful way to provide details of problems you experience while using the best version of iOS to Apple. But it has no value if you no longer participate in the beta program and/or are using the commercial version of iOS.

What are your thoughts on using beta versions on your device? Do you like to get that early view of the new features or have you tried it and decided you’ll just wait for the full commercial version from now on?