Leaked image shows off reported smaller notch and relocated earpiece in upcoming iPhone 13

Word on the street is that one of the design changes for the upcoming iPhone 13 is a smaller notch. It’s one of the most oft-requested design changes since the launch of the iPhone X, and Apple may finally be getting around to it.

According to a report today from MacRumors, based on an image shared to the publication by Greek repair provider iRepair, Apple is indeed looking to shrink the notch in the upcoming device. In this case, the image shared with the site reveals the front glass panels for three handsets: the iPhone 13 with its 5.4-inch screen, iPhone 13 Pro with the 6.1-inch panel, and iPhone 13 Pro Max with its 6.7-inch display.

Apple will be able to shrink the notch by making some other changes. That includes relocating the earpiece. With the change, the earpiece will now be moved into the top bezel. This was actually rumored for the iPhone 12 lineup, along with early smaller notch rumors, but that obviously did not pan out.

To help with the design change, Apple is also expected to make some changes to the TruthDepth Camera’s design, consolidating components to make it happen.

All of this would be a welcomed change, considering the notch hasn’t had any significant (or minor!) changes to its form since the debut in 2017. And of course, this is expected to be just a step towards a future with a notch-less iPhone. A notch-less iPhone was expected to arrive last year, but that didn’t happen. Shrinking the notch is how Apple will get to that point, it looks like, so this may be the year we jump on that train.

Are you looking forward to the notch getting smaller?