How to use Betelguese to install Odysseyra1n on a checkra1n’d device

A brand-new one-click application for macOS called Betelguese by @23Aaron_ and @hbkirb is now available that lets checkra1n’d iPhone and iPad users install Odysseyra1n on their handset via the convenience of a graphical user interface (GUI) as opposed to pasting lengthy and complicated commands into a traditional command line interface (CLI).

When Betelguese is complete, your checkra1n jailbreak transforms into Odysseyra1n, which means that it will utilize the Procursus bootstrap with Sileo as the default package manager and libhooker as the tweak injection method. These will replace Cydia and Cydia Substrate or Substitute for tweak injection — the process that handles your jailbreak tweaks — whichever of the latter you might’ve had installed at the time.

The Odyssey Team touts Sileo and libhooker as more performant and stable alternatives to the default package manager and tweak injection methods used by the checkra1n jailbreak. Arguments exist on both sides of the aisle with regard to which option is better, so we won’t endorse one or the other. Instead, we’ll provide the resources so that end users can decide which option to use for themselves.

What you need to know

Installing the Odysseyra1n bootstrap will remove the Cydia package manager that was installed by the checkra1n jailbreak tool and replace several of the jailbreak’s default bootstrap dependencies with those associated with the Odyssey jailbreak — hence Odysseyra1n. You will also lose all of your existing jailbreak data, as you will need to start from scratch. We recommend taking note of all your installed packages so that you can re-install them later on.

Unlike the older installation method, which required knowledge of macOS’ Terminal command line interface and the HomeBrew extension, Betelguese will not require such knowledge. Instead, you will simply download an application on your Mac and run the software by following the on-screen instructions with your handset connected to your Mac.

Please note that reverting back to a stock checkra1n bootstrap will require you to use the checkra1n app’s Restore System feature, which removes all your extensions and returns you to an unjailbroken state. After doing so, you would be able to jailbreak with checkra1n again to get Cydia and the default bootstrap back — starting from scratch in the process

To use Betelguese, you must already be jailbroken with checkra1n. If you aren’t yet, then be sure you have a compatible device and head over to our how to jailbreak with checkra1n tutorial to get jailbroken before following the steps outlined below.

Lastly, please note that Betelguese is only for macOS at this time.

How to install Odysseyra1n with Betelguese

If you’re already jailbroken via checkra1n and have Cydia installed, then you’ll need begin with Step 1 in the steps outlined below. Contrarily, if you’re jailbreaking with checkra1n for the first time, or you haven’t yet installed Cydia after jailbreaking with checkra1n, then you can skip to Step 3 in the steps outlined below.

1) If you’re already jailbroken with checkra1n and Cydia is installed, then you need to use the checkra1n Loader app’s Restore System feature to remove your existing jailbreak:

Note: The device will reboot automatically upon successfully restoring the system. When it finishes, Cydia and checkra1n’s Loader app will disappear from the Home Screen, and you’ll need to re-jailbreak with the checkra1n jailbreak app.

2) When the Restore System completes, re-jailbreak with checkra1n via the steps in this tutorial. NOTE: Do not install Cydia when the jailbreak completes; instead, come back to this tutorial and move to Step 3 below.

3) With your checkra1n’d handset still connected to your Mac via a MFi-certified USB-A to Lightning cable, visit in your preferred macOS web browser and the latest version of the Betelguese application on your Mac.

4) Once downloaded, double-click on the file to extract its contents inside of the parent folder:

4) Next, double-click on the resulting Betelguese application to launch it:

5) When Betelguese opens (you may need to open the app from System Preferences → Security & Privacy depending on your Mac’s security settings), click on the Install Odysseyra1n button:

6) Betelguese warns that you need to perform a Restore System via the checkra1n Loader app before installing Odysseyra1n. If you skipped steps 1-2, then please do them now. If you already performed steps 1-2, click on the blue Continue button to move along:

7) Betelguese will begin the process of installing Odysseyra1n on your device. This process takes about one or two minutes:

8) When finished, the application will say so. Simply click on the blue OK button:

Looking now at your iPhone or iPad, you should see Sileo on the Home Screen:

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Odysseyra1n on your device!

Note: The creators have informed us that if you receive Error 134 while trying to use Betelgeuse, then a fix is in the works. Fortunately, this error doesn’t seem to impact everyone.


Now that you have Odysseyra1n on your iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy the perks of the same Dark Mode-supported package manager and performant tweak injection method that Odyssey jailbreak users (and soon Taurine jailbreak users) have enjoyed for so long.

Are you planning to install Odysseyra1n with the new Betelguese application for macOS? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.