ReProvision Reborn breathes new life into the discontinued on-device app provisioning software

Many jailbreakers were saddened when developer Matt Clarke reaffirmed that the ReProvision on-device app signing service that many used to keep their jailbreak apps signed without a computer wouldn’t receive any further official updates; not even to fix the post-January 28th app-crashing issue triggered by a server-side change on Apple’s behalf. It was henceforth officially EOL (end of life).

Riley Testut’s AltServer and AltStore combo offered a viable alternative to ReProvision, however it too was impacted by the same issue. The only difference? AltServer and AltStore received updates to address Apple’s server-side changes so that the end user wouldn’t suffer app crashes, while ReProvision did not. On the other hand, a third-party band-aid was later made available for ReProvision users.

Fortunately for jailbreakers who enjoyed using ReProvision for the convenience of not needing to link up to a computer that they may or may not have handy at any given time, iOS developer Soh Satoh has just released ReProvision Reborn, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a resurrection of the popular ReProvision app that had been left in the dust by the original developer.

The ReProvision Reborn app’s appearance and functionality are the same as the original. As such, users will need to sign in with their Apple ID for app provisioning purposes (using a free Apple developer account). The app will then automatically keep semi-untethered jailbreak apps functional so that in the event your device reboots, you can get re-jailbroken without a computer.

Features include:

  • Automatic re-signing of locally provisioned applications.
  • Basic settings to configure alerts shown by the automatic re-signing.
  • Ability to install any .ipa file downloaded through Safari on the device.
  • Support for re-signing Apple Watch applications.
  • 3D Touch menu for starting a new re-signing routine directly from the Home Screen.

Satoh hands full credit to Clarke, the original ReProvision developer, for making this app possible. Additional credit is afforded to AltServer and AltStore developer Riley Testut for developing a fix to combat Apple’s server-side changes. Despite these credits, Satoh asks that users don’t pester the original ReProvision developer about issues regarding ReProvision Reborn, and instead asks users to contact him.

ReProvision Reborn is officially available for free via the Packix repository starting today and can be had from any of the major package managers. The app and its services support up to iOS & iPadOS 14, which is important given that unc0ver recently added support for these versions and because the Taurine jailbreak will soon be released with similar firmware version support.

Will you be using the new ReProvision Reborn app to keep your jailbreak apps functional, or are you happy using AltServer and AltStore? Let us know in the comments section down below.