How to disable suggested posts on Instagram

Instagram offers a feature to help you discover something new called Suggested Posts. So maybe you’ll see a post from a similar account you follow and decide to follow that one too.

While many find suggested posts helpful for expanding their interests, others find them less than useful and even distracting. If you’d like suggested posts to stop appearing on your feed when you log into Instagram, we have good news and bad news…read on.

About Instagram suggested posts

Suggested Posts appear in your feed after the most recent posts from those you follow. These are based on posts from accounts like those you already follow as well as posts similar to those you like or save.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently disable or even hide Suggested Posts on Instagram. Instagram offers this:

You can also tap View Older Posts to see previous posts from accounts you follow. Note that you won’t be able to hide Suggested Posts.

Mark suggested posts

Now, there is one thing you can do and that is to mark a Suggested Post as “not interested” in hopes that you won’t see more like it. So open Instagram on your iPhone and go to your feed.

Simply tap the three dots on the top right of a Suggested Post and pick Not Interested.

Instagram Suggested Post Not Interested

You can then select a reason for marking the post as such with options like “I see to many posts like this” and “I don’t want to see posts from this account”. You can also tap Undo if you have a change of heart.

Instagram Suggested Post Not Interested Reasons

Instagram states that this response will be reflected in future Suggested Posts you see on your feed.

Wrapping it up

Until and unless Instagram provides a way for users to disable or at least hide Suggested Posts, hopefully this helps reduce the number of uninteresting posts you see on your feed.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s suggested posts? Do you find them helpful or would you prefer to do away with them?