Apple Car and VR: what are you most excited about in Apple’s future?

Apple has a lot of different devices available for people to buy. They’ve expanded beyond just offering computers, and things get even more diverse when we get into all of the different variants of certain products. But the company that built the iPhone isn’t slowing down, and the future is certainly… interesting.

As is par for the course, nothing about Apple’s future is set in stone. Or even official at this point. The company is notoriously keen on keeping its projects close to the vest. So even when the rumor mill starts pouring out little tidbits here and there (or even the full picture), the company just moves forward, acting like nothing has happened at all.

Which is why, all this time later, projects like Apple’s augmented reality glasses, or a virtual reality headset, or the Apple Car, aren’t official. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve heard about them, or how many patent applications the company has gotten approved, or even that other company CEOs are weighing in on the possibilities. Right now, the only thing that’s about as certain as it can be when it comes to Apple is that we’ll get a new iPhone, a new iPad, some new Macs, and a new Apple Watch this year.

It’s not even clear we’ll get a new Apple TV set-top box at this point.

But, even if we do get a new Apple TV, that’s not really all that exciting. I mean, it’s not a new Apple-branded car. It’s a safe bet for Apple, more or less, and not really going to change a market in any meaningful way (probably). But! That’s not the case with a pair of AR glasses or a VR headset. Google’s given both a shot in the past, but even with the power of Android behind them (to various degrees), it didn’t really take off.

Meanwhile, VR headsets have found some popularity thanks to Oculus. It’s not quite as widespread as one might hope, but the hardware and the technology are solid, and the games (and other apps) are worth checking out. If Apple were to launch either one of these products, it could very well have an iPod/iPad/Apple Watch effect. Bringing AR/VR to the masses, so to speak.

That’s probably not the same thing that will happen with a car, though. Or maybe it will and Apple’s actually on to something. I think it’s safe to say that with an AR glasses or VR headset things are a bit more straightforward. We know what to expect. But when it comes to an apple Car? Well, even the rumor mill hasn’t quite decided on whether or this will be a fully autonomous vehicle, something for the general public, just car-specific software (that will ship in third-party vehicles), or maybe Apple sticks with passenger vans and calls it good as it shuttles employees from one point to another.

If Apple does launch an electric car for the general public, though, it’s at least within the realm of possibility that it can shake things up. Give Tesla and whoever else is making some headway in the space in a few years a run for their money. It would be interesting, at least.

The question worth asking, though, is if you’re actually interested in any of these things? Part of it will certainly be pricing, but, even if we just assume that won’t be completely ridiculous (especially for the VR headset and car) are these projects getting your attention?

And, if so, which one are you looking forward to most?