Apple’s rumored MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12 may feature reverse charging

Word on the street is that Apple is developing a battery pack with MagSafe technology. The upcoming accessory would attach to the back of the iPhone 12 lineup (and future iPhones), charging the device without the need for a full case. And now a new report says that accessory will boast another feature, too.

According to Jon Prosser, who has a mixed track record when it comes to nailing down future Apple products, Apple’s upcoming MagSafe battery pack will also feature reverse wireless charging. Prosser said as much on the latest episode of the Genius Bar podcast (via MacRumors).

Prosser says that at least one version of the upcoming MagSafe battery pack will boast the reverse wireless charging feature. According to him, Apple is working on two variants of the upcoming accessory. One will be a “standard” option, which will boast MagSafe technology and the ability to wirelessly charge the iPhone 12 it’s magnetically connected to.

Meanwhile, the premium option will have those same features, plus the ability to reverse charge other products. This means iPhone 12 owners with the MagSafe battery pack attacked will be able to set their phone down so the battery pack is up, and then set something like another iPhone or AirPods Pro case down on the battery pack to wirelessly charge it.

It’s possible that reverse charging won’t support something like an iPhone. Not from the MagSafe battery pack.

Prosser doesn’t actually go into much detail regarding the feature itself. But it’s pretty straightforward these days. Samsung has introduced the feature for its smartphone lineup already, and Apple was rumored to launch the feature with the iPhone 12 lineup, too. That didn’t pan out. But maybe Apple simply moved development to the upcoming accessory.

If Apple launches a MagSafe battery pack in the future, are you planning on picking it up?