List of keyboard shortcuts for the Script Editor on Mac

If you’ve recently began using the Script Editor on Mac or plan to start, you might be interested in these keyboard shortcuts. They can help you perform tasks like record or stop as well as change what you see in the Script Editor window.

Concentrate on your code without fumbling for your mouse or trackpad with these keyboard shortcuts for Script Editor.

iMac keyboard - Terminal keyboard shortcuts

The Script Editor window

Use the shortcuts to minimize or close the window, open the library or history windows, or access the preferences.

  • Open the Library window: Shift + Command + L
  • Open the Result History window: Option + Command + R
  • Open the Log History window: Option + Command + L
  • Open a Dictionary: Shift + Command + O (capital letter “o”)
  • Open the Script Editor Preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Show or hide the Description: Command + 1
  • Show or hide the Log section: Command + 2
  • Show or hide the Results: Command + 3
  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Close the window: Command + W

Action shortcuts

Perform tasks and actions quickly with these handy keyboard shortcuts.

  • Open: Command + O (capital letter “o”)
  • Open a new script: Command + N
  • Record the script: Shift + Command + R
  • Stop the script: Command + . (period)
  • Run the script: Command + R
  • Compile the script: Command + K or Return
  • Undo: Command + Z
  • Restore the last undo: Shift + Command + Z
  • Move to a selection: Command + J
  • Complete: Option + Escape
  • Cut: Command + X
  • Copy: Command + C
  • Paste: Command + V
  • Paste an object reference: Shift + Command + V

Wrapping it up

Script Editor doesn’t have as many keyboard shortcuts as some apps on Mac. So, hopefully you can remember those from this list that will come in handy and that you’ll use regularly.

Be sure to check out our keyboard shortcuts section for more helpful ways to do things faster on macOS.

And remember, your tips are always welcome! Share those you have for using Script Editor below or with us on Twitter!