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List of keyboard shortcuts for the Script Editor on Mac

iMac keyboard - Terminal keyboard shortcuts

If you’ve recently began using the Script Editor on Mac or plan to start, you might be interested in these keyboard shortcuts. They can help you perform tasks like record or stop as well as change what you see in the Script Editor window.

Concentrate on your code without fumbling for your mouse or trackpad with these keyboard shortcuts for Script Editor.

How to get started with the Script Editor on Mac

Script Editor New Document on Mac

If you’re learning to write AppleScript or JavaScript for Automation, then you’ll also want to learn about the Script Editor on Mac.

This built-in tool lets you create, edit, and view scripts for workflows, tools, and apps. Once you create a script, you can easily debug it and compile it. You can also open the scripting dictionary for apps to view the vocabulary and additions.

Here, we’ll walk through the basics for the Script Editor on Mac. From the toolbar and navigation to preferences and options, here’s how to get started.