How to stop sites from requesting your location in Safari

While it’s nice that certain websites want to know our location, it’s not always necessary. Sure, you need a delivery service site to know where you are, but not a blog. And if you visit the same sites often, you probably don’t want them asking you every time.

In Safari, you can control websites asking for your location. You can allow certain sites to always know where you are, like in the delivery service example. And you can disallow sites you never want to know, like a blog. Here, we’ll show you how to do this on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so websites will stop requesting your location in Safari.

Location settings for Safari on iPhone and iPad

On iPhone and iPad, open Settings and select Safari. Then, do the following.

1) In the settings for Safari, scroll down to and tap Location.

2) At the top you’ll see any sites that you’ve configured already. You can select one if you like and change it with options for Ask, Deny, and Allow.

3) At the bottom, you should see Other Websites with the same options. This will apply to any website not already configured above it.

Safari Settings for Websites Location on iPhone

If you prefer to apply the same setting to all websites you visit, tap Edit at the top. Select all configured sites and tap Delete. Then when the Location Access on All Websites appears, make your selection.

Safari Settings for All Websites Location on iPhone

Location settings for Safari on Mac

On your Mac, open Safari and access the settings using Safari > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, follow these steps.

1) Select the Websites tab.

2) Pick Location on the left.

3) You’ll see a list on the right of websites currently open and any those you’ve configured previously. For each site, click the drop-down box and choose Ask, Deny, or Allow.

At the bottom, next to When visiting other websites, you can make this choice for all other sites that are not on your list.

Safari Preferences Websites Location on Mac

If you prefer to apply the same setting to all websites you visit, select the sites under Configured Websites and click Remove. Then use the drop-down at the bottom to choose Ask, Deny, or Allow per your preference.

Wrapping it up

Whether you like certain sites to always know your location or prefer that none of them do, you have that flexibility with Safari. That way, Safari won’t constantly request your location and you can get right to business on those websites.

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