3 ways to find your carrier on iPhone

With older iPhone models that had a Home button and no notch at the top, you could see your cell phone carrier in the status bar. But if you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 model, you can’t see the carrier like before. These phones have a notch at the top that limits the screen space for the status bar.

You can still find out your iPhone carrier company quickly if necessary, with a couple of gestures or the Settings app, here’s how.

See your iPhone carrier on the Lock Screen

You probably don’t even notice, but your iPhone carrier displays on your Lock Screen. So, wake up your iPhone and look on the top left corner of the Lock Screen.

Lock Screen Cellular Company on iPhone

Find out your carrier in Control Center

From the Lock Screen or any Home Screen, you can view your iPhone carrier in Control Center. Swipe down to open the Control Center and you’ll see the carrier on the top left.

Control Center Cellular Company on iPhone

Check your carrier in Settings

Of course, the Settings app on your iPhone is where all the configurations live. So yes, you can see your carrier company there as well.

Open Settings and select Cellular. You should see a section at the top displaying the carrier.

Settings Cellular Company on iPhone

Wrapping it up

When you switch from an older iPhone model to a newer one, it can take some getting used to. And if you’re like me, who just upgraded to an iPhone 12 from an iPhone 8, this is one of those little things you need to learn.

What types of things did you have to learn when upgrading to an iPhone with a notch or even without a Home button? Share your thoughts below!

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