Apple promotes Apple Pay and Face ID in the UK with its latest ads

Privacy and user security is a mainstay feature for Apple at this point, one of the major pillars of the company’s customer-focused ideals. So it’s no surprise that the company promotes those qualities from time to time.

Take, for instance, a couple of new ads that Apple published to its official UK YouTube channel today. They are short and sweet, not necessarily packed with a ton of information. But, at the very least, they get the point across: Apple designs these important elements like Apple Pay, Face ID, and other privacy features so that it doesn’t have access to the information.

That’s the running theme between the two ads.

The first one, which is 10 seconds in length, is all about Apple Pay. The company notes in the video’s description that the mobile payment option offers “Privacy and security with each and every purchase”. And that’s all we’ve got from this one. Here’s the ad:

The next one focuses on Face ID, one of Apple’s biometric security measures. The company says that Face ID information is “encrypted and protect on your iPhone”, and the short ad (which measures in at 14 seconds) reinforces that quality. It also adds that the Face ID data isn’t “even shared with Apple”.

Here’s the ad:

Now, the timing here is interesting. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off today, virtually, and today just so happens to be the day Apple’s promoting some privacy-focused features. It’s not the first time that Apple has leaned into this element during this time of year, during this event. Those same iPhone privacy banners then spread across the globe in key markets.

Of course, the fact that Apple’s promoting these features in the United Kingdom (on the Apple YouTube UK channel) is an interesting point.

In any event, how important is user privacy to you? Is that one feature that keeps you with Apple’s devices?