AirTags revealed in 3D animation that may be used when pairing the tracking device

Remember AirTags? The oft-rumored Apple-branded Tile-like tracking device that was originally expected to launch sometime in 2020? That didn’t happen, so now all eyes are turned to 2021 as the release year.

To that end, the rumor mill is not quite ready to give up on the upcoming tracking devices. And now, thanks to Jon Prosser of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, we may have yet another clear look at the unannounced accessory. Prosser published a new video to the YouTube channel today, promoting new footage of AirTags during the pairing process.

The pairing process includes a 3D animation of the upcoming AirTags, revealing what the devices will (probably) look like. And, indeed, we’ve seen this design in the past when the AirTags have cropped up. As expected, the AirTags will be small, circular accessories — small enough to attach to a keyring or drop in a bag.

Prosser says he obtained the 3D animation from a software engineer, and believes this will be presented to iOS users when pairing the accessory. It’s similar to what we’ve seen when pairing other devices, including the HomePod, AirPods Max, and similar devices, so it certainly seems possible.

As far as what we’ve heard in the past, the AirTags are expected to support some sort of augmented reality functionality to help locate lost items. And the new tracking devices will support Ultra Wideband for improved location accuracy and services. There’s no word quite yet on what AirTags will cost, though, or when we’ll actually see them launch.

If Apple does get around to announcing AirTags, are you planning on picking up the new accessory?