Leaker: AirPods Studio won’t feature at Apple’s event, AirTags delayed until March 2021

Apple fans should not expect unveilings of the company’s rumored over-ear headphones and an alleged item-tracking accessory, dubbed AirTag, at its online product event next Tuesday.

That’s according to Jon Prosser, a highly-rated leaker who is mostly reliable, but sometimes doesn’t get timeframes, pricing and other information 100 percent right.

“I’m being told that Apple has pushed back the announcement and launch of the AirTags to March of 2021,” Prosser wrote in a tweet. And according to another tweet that he published earlier this morning, Apple will be carrying at least two models of the AirPods Pro:

  • $350 model: A sporty version made of cheaper materials
  • $599 model: A luxury variant made of leather and metal

A claimed video showing a sporty variant of the AirPods Studio leaked last month.

Code-named “B515,” the $599 premium variant is expected to feature magnetic ear cups. There will be no headphone jack as these are Bluetooth wireless headphones utilizing Apple’s headphone chip. There should be a USB-C port for charging and, according to Bloomberg’s well-informed Mark Gurman, a reversible design and automatic L/R ear detection.

Prosser also shared renderings of the headphones based on those specs.

Prosser claims that mass production of these premium headphones won’t complete until October 20. If true, that would leave Apple with two options: either they could announce them at the October 13 event and ship at the end of the month (or in early-November) or they might opt for a quiet announcement with a press release at the time of Apple’s choosing. However, he’s learned that Apple has delayed the introduction. “It has now been confirmed to me from three sources that AirPods Studio will not be in the event,” he tweeted this morning.

Last but not least, the leaker has corroborated earlier claims that the two 6.1-inch iPhone 12 models will launch first, with the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max scheduled to launch next month. The claim is consistent with today’s leak of supposed prices, released dates and features for the iPhone 12 family, including tidbits like storage capacities and finishes.