The HomePod mini now supports 18W adapters thanks to 14.3 software update

Earlier this month, Apple released the 14.3 software update for the HomePod and HomePod mini. At the time, it didn’t appear that the new software added any truly noteworthy to the smart speakers. However, turns out Apple added one new thing, at least.

As first noted today by The 8-Bit, the 14.3 software update snuck in support for HomePod mini and 18W adapters. Now, with the latest software installed, folks who own the HomePod mini can use an 18W adapter to keep the small smart speaker powered up.

Now, it’s not all 18W adapters. A Reddit thread indicates that Apple’s own 18W adapter works, as do a select number of third-party options out there. Aukey is one brand that appears to work, for instance.

Up until the release of software 14.3, the HomePod mini required a 20W adapter to function properly. Connecting the smart speaker to a power adapter less than 20W would simply lead to the smart speaker not working at all, with an orange light present on the top.

Now, the HomePod mini comes with a 20W power adapter, so there’s no real reason to switch. But if that power adapter gets misplaced or lost, you can now technically use the power adapter that comes with the iPhone 11 or newer models to keep the HomePod mini charged and running properly.

So it’s a good backup option.