Instagram now supports sharing Apple ProRAW photos

Earlier this month, Apple welcomed official support for its ProRAW image format for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The feature has been described as a huge boost for iPhone photography. But what about actually sharing that content? Instagram is here to help.

Instagram’s popularity can’t be argued, so it’s important that something like Apple ProRAW gains support as soon as possible. Not for the editing side of things, but simply supporting being able to share that content. Today, Instagram developer Tim Johnson tweeted out that the social network is rolling out support for sharing Apple ProRAW photographs on the platform.

That’s great news! But there is a bit of an important caveat: Instagram offers built-in editing tools, but users can’t use those tools to edit ProRAW photos. You’ll still need to handle that process in a different app entirely. But after you edit that ProRAW photo, you’ll be able to share it directly to Instagram.

This means Instagram users who capture ProRAW photos won’t need to create a separate JPG file to share the content on the social platform. It basically saves a step, which is good news for users. It’s worth noting that Instagram appears to be handling that step on its side, potentially converting the ProRAW file to a JPG when shared.

Instagram is probably compressing the image files, too, considering Apple ProRAW images are relatively large, sitting roughly at 25MB.

Apple ProRAW is a welcomed feature for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max owners. Now being able to share that content without having to go through an extra step on one of the biggest social networks makes it even better.