A video shows off which banks may support Apple Pay in Mexico ahead of official launch

Apple Pay has been coming “soon” to Mexico for what feels like all of 2020. But it may actually be about to happen.

Let’s set the stage a bit, first. Way back in March, there was a report indicating that Apple Pay was about to launch in Mexico with support from at least one bank out of the gate. Back then, some folks in Mexico who bank at Banregio were able to add their cards to the Wallet app. That suggested the mobile payment option’s launch was right around the corner.

However, it wouldn’t be until October that another hint suggested the launch was happening soon. A couple of months ago, Apple updated its landing page for Apple Pay in Mexico, saying, “credit and debit cards of the most important payment networks, issued by various banks” would be supported. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an official list of which banking establishments would support Apple Pay — or when it would launch.

Now, here we are in December and Apple Pay hasn’t launched in Mexico yet. But! As noted today by 9to5Mac, it may finally be about to happen. A video posted on Twitter at the end of November shows the code for the Apple Pay Mexico landing page. That code reveals which banks will support the mobile payment option. It includes Banregio, Inbursa, CitiBanamex, and Hey Banco.

Twitter user @urielarcia posted the video, and also revealed that some of the first businesses to support Apple Pay in the region will be The Cheesecake Factory, Domino’s, and others.

It’s worth noting that the landing page for Apple Pay in Mexico has since added “muy pronto”, or “very soon”, which indicates the service should go live, well, soon.

If you’re in Mexico, have you been looking forward to the launch of Apple Pay?