Apple Pay may launch in Mexico soon

While Apple Pay is already available all across the globe, the expansion is not quite finished just yet.

There are still some unserved markets out there, like Mexico. But that appears to be changing soon (via 9to5Mac). Some folks have already been able to add their cards from the local bank Banregio to the Apple Wallet app, indicating that Apple Pay support is right around the corner. However, there is a catch.

To make it work right now, the users need to add their card from the Banregio bank, but change the iPhone’s region to an area where Apple Pay is already supported. The card will be added successfully, but it won’t be properly verified from the bank because the bank hasn’t officially announced Apple Pay support yet.

Other individuals have tried to use other bank cards and add them to the Wallet app, but they haven’t worked. That could be a sign that Banregio will be an exclusive launch partner for Apple Pay in Mexico, with additional banks added to the mix at a later date following the public launch.

Here’s a video showing off the card being added to the Wallet app:

When Apple Pay arrives in Mexico, which could be soon, it would be the second Latin American country to gain support following Brazil’s support arriving back in 2018.