How to Redirect emails instead of forwarding in Mail on Mac

Redirect Gradient Arrows

It’s one of those Mail features that’s easy to miss. It’s called Redirect and it lets you send emails you’ve received to others without actually forwarding them. This is convenient for emails you receive by mistake or that should be sent to someone else to handle.

When you redirect an email is has no indication of it like when you forward a message. The person you redirect the email to receives it as if it came to them originally. Here, we’ll show you how to Redirect emails in Mail on Mac.

Redirect emails in Mail

You can redirect an email in just a couple of clicks on Mac.

Click Message in the menu bar and select Redirect. Then enter the email address you want to redirect to in the email, optionally include CC or BCC, just like any other email, and Send it on its way.

Mail Message Redirect from Menu Bar

When the recipient receives the email, they’ll see the original sender’s email address and any replies will go to the original sender as well.

Add Redirect to your toolbar

If you want a quick and easy way to redirect emails, you can add the option to the Mail toolbar and Compose message toolbar too.

Right-click anywhere in the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar. Drag the Redirect button from the bottom to the top where you’d like it in the toolbar. Click Done.

Drag Redirect to Mail Toolbar

From then on, you can just hit the Redirect button to scoot that email along to someone else.

Redirect Button in Mail Toolbar

Notes on Redirecting in Mail

Here are a few things to keep in mind with the Redirect feature in Mail.

  • Emails you redirect will show up in your Sent folder. You’ll be able to see the Resent-From and Resent-To addresses in the message header.
  • The Reply-To address for the email will be the original sender.
  • Emails you redirect will have the Redirect icon next to them in your mailbox.
Redirect Indicator in Mail

Tip: See it for yourself! Give it a test if you have more than one email address so you can see how the email looks once redirected.

Wrapping it up

Redirecting emails that should have gone to someone else originally is a great way to pass them along. You can forgo the risk when forwarding like having replies go to you instead of the original sender.

Do you think you’ll use the Redirect feature in Mail on Mac? Are you hoping the feature makes its way to Mail on iOS? Let us know your thoughts! You can comment below or ping us on Twitter.