FreeTheSandbox discusses its plan for iOS 13.x jailbreak release, no ETA

Those eagerly waiting for a jailbreak with support for the concluding versions of the iOS & iPadOS 13 family before Apple officially released iOS & iPadOS 14 this Fall have two options, with the first being to wait for FreeTheSandbox to release the jailbreak they’ve been teasing for more than a month, or the second being to continue waiting for someone to pick up an exploit like the one just recently released by @_simo36.

If the FreeTheSandbox offering sounds like a better choice to you, then we’ve got some news for you. The official FreeTheSandbox Twitter account shared the following Tweet early Thursday morning to comment on the state of the jailbreak they’ve been working on:

As it would seem, the FreeTheSandbox team is receiving a lot of pressure to release their jailbreak, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the climate of the jailbreak community today. They also said that they play to release the jailbreak’s source code, which will empower other talented individuals to take the project further on their own.

Another tidbit that we understand from the Tweets is that FreeTheSandbox is currently waiting on its vendor before distributing the jailbreak, and fortunately, that shouldn’t take too much longer. On the other hand, FreeTheSandbox won’t be providing any official ETA for the time being and has requested that folks eager to jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 13.x desist from asking about it.

One thing worth noting is that FreeTheSandbox appears interested in maintaining its upcoming jailbreak over the course of the next several years, perhaps similarly to how Pwn20wnd has done with the unc0ver jailbreak. This would mean that the jailbreak may potentially be updated to support newer versions of iOS & iPadOS in the future, in addition to receiving regular bug fixes and improvements.

The announcements are all good news, but since we don’t yet know when the jailbreak will drop, we can’t comment on that bit. Anyone using versions of iOS & iPadOS newer than version 13.5 are advised to remain patient and avoid updating to iOS or iPadOS 14. The wait should be over soon…

Are you excited about the fact that FreeTheSandbox’s jailbreak will make all versions of iOS & iPadOS 13 in public circulation jailbreakable? Let us know in the comments section down below.