Spotify rolling out streaming support for the Apple Watch

Back in September, Spotify started testing the ability to stream content from the Apple Watch directly. It was a limited pool of testers, and there wasn’t any word when the feature would arrive for the public. But the wait appears to be over for some.

As reported today first by Macerkopf, Spotify appears to be rolling out support for Apple Watch streaming. Multiple Spotify users who were not part of the original test are confirming they have support for the feature now. You can see the message some Spotify users and Apple Watch owners are seeing, translated from German, just below:

Would you like to stream Spotify on your Apple Watch? Choose it here.

With this feature available for you, you’ll be able to stream your Spotify content directly from the smartwatch. You won’t have to rely directly on the iPhone connection to listen to music or podcasts. It’s the same feature other third-party streaming services have launched in recent months, including Pandora.

While streaming directly from the Apple Watch, Spotify users will be able to access their library, as well as a recently played playlist. The original report notes that there isn’t a built-in search function. That means you’ll need to rely on Siri for this aspect, even when using Spotify to stream directly from the Apple Watch.

In addition, the most recently played content is available. Unfortunately, there is no separate search function in the app. Siri steps in for this and delivers the title you are looking for after a voice command. As usual, you have to give Siri the command to play a certain title, album or genre with Spotify.

It isn’t as robust as some Spotify users might like, but the support should be a welcomed addition at least. The new feature is rolling out now, so it may take some time before you see it appear on your Apple Watch.

If you’re a Spotify user with an Apple Watch, are you excited about this feature support?