Apple Music for Android gains Listen Now, crossfade, new sharing options and more

Apple today updated its Apple Music for Android client with new capabilities like a crossfade feature which Apple supports in the Music app for macOS but not in its iOS counterpart.

Version 3.4 of the app includes a personalized Listen Now feature which came to the iPhone and iPad with the iOS 14.0 software update. Customers should notice improved app performance on their devices. The new sharing features brought to the app allow you to share songs, albums and playlists to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat Stories. There’s also an overhauled search experience and new playback features like Autoplay and Crossfade.

Crossfading helps prevents gaps of silence between songs and must be manually turned on by visiting the app’s playback settings. From there, you can change the amount of time it takes for the current song to fade out at the end and the new song to fade in. The duration for crossfades can be set up to 12 seconds. As mentioned, the crossfade feature is supported in Music for Mac but not in Music for iPhone and iPad.

According to Apple’s support document, this version of the Apple Music for Android client includes a patch for a vulnerability that could enable a malicious app to leak a user’s credentials. The flaw was addressed with improved checks to prevent unauthorized actions.

Apple Music for Android requires Android version 5.0 and later.

Download Apple Music for Android from the Play Store.