Spod VPN and web filter provides complete ad tracker protection on iPhone, iPad and Mac [sponsored]

Spod is a privacy-first VPN and web filter software for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android which protects you from apps and websites that monitor track and profile you. It doesn’t require registration to use, not even your email address.

Don’t let yourself be tracked online

Apps and websites are usually interspersed with ads to help keep the lights on, which is perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, many of them make use of software trackers to monitor your activities online. These trackers follow you from one site to another and collect as much information about you as possible. Knowing who you are, where you’re connected to, what you are looking for and so forth lets websites and apps sell you stuff that might interest you.

A VPN that doesn’t compromise your privacy

Enter Spod, an app for iOS, macOS and Android that connects you to their service featuring a custom firewall, which they’re calling web filter. You get all the benefits of classic VPN service, like hiding your IP address and increased security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and using online services), and then some more.

Solutions like ad trackers block ads that track you, but only when using a web browser.

For complete protection from both websites and apps that monitor, track and steal your information, you need Spod. As a privacy-first solution, Spod does not send user data to any third party whatsoever, a major competitive advantage.

Spod’s web filter

Spod’s web filter is especially noteworthy because this custom firewall solution protects your privacy no matter what you’re doing on the device, with regular blocklist updates.

With it, you can block trackers and malicious content from your device. You’ve heard about trackers, they’re all over the Internet and embedded in websites you visit to monitor your online activities. Trackers follow you across websites and apps to determine your interests, location and more. Based on gathered data, they serve you relevant ads.

A far bigger problem than trackers are online threats, divided between resources that spread malicious content, phishing websites and cryptojacking and other scams. Spod lets you filter either trackers or malicious content or both. For an at-a-glance overview of your online security, select the Alerts tab where you can see a list of all the times an app or website tried to track you. Power users can unblock a specific tracker or configure a custom hostname to be blocked Spod also supports push notifications to alert you of tracking attempts in real time.

A privacy-first VPN

As mentioned, Spod doesn’t need your email address to use. And because they’re using Apple’s and Google’s respective In-App Purchase solutions, paid users can retain their anonymity while using the service. This is in stark contrast with other VPN solutions that lure users with a free or low-price service only to monitor and sell their web traffic data to advertising companies. With a paid Spod service, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

For those wondering, all traffic between your device and Spod servers is encrypted using AES-256 and the IKEv2 protocol. Everything that goes through their network is anonymized and there’s no registration. You can choose between Spod servers in the US or Brazil to keep a low latency or connect from another country.

Wrapping up

So to reiterate, Spod is a VPN service done right. You get all the benefits of a VPN service without sacrificing your privacy. Complete anonymity is guaranteed as the company has no personal information about you whatsoever. The web filter feature is especially powerful in its ability to block trackers and threats device-wide.

For more information, visit the official Spod website.

Spod pricing and availability

Spod is a multi-platform VPN solution that works across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Android devices, with a single shared subscription across iOS and macOS. A monthly subscription is $7.99 and an annual tier is $79.99 A free one-month trial is available.

You can download Spod for iPhone and iPad for free in the App Store.

Spod for Mac is a free download from the Mac App Store.

Spod for Android is available free in the Play Store.