iOS 14.2 hints Apple won’t include EarPods in the iPhone 12 box

Is Apple going to include wired headphones with the iPhone 12 lineup? A lot of speculation has suggested the company won’t. And iOS 14.2 is only piling on.

Courtesy of a report from MacRumors today, following Apple seeding the second developer beta of iOS 14.2, we have another hint regarding the EarPods’ future in the iPhone’s box. And apparently time is up. It’s a small change of text, but it may have big implications if it pans out.

As described in the original report, iOS 14 and earlier versions of the software include text referring to reducing exposure to RF energy using the “supplied headphones”. In an interesting turn of events, that specific dialogue is not present in iOS 14.2’s latest beta. The new text reads as follows:

To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, headphones, or other similar accessories.

Again, it’s a small change, but it does seem to suggest EarPods won’t be included in the box with the iPhone 12.

We’ve been hearing about Apple potentially dropping the EarPods from the iPhone’s box for months now. For instance, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated as far back as May of this year that Apple planned to drop the wired headphones this year. And since then, reports have only strengthened that position, basically preparing future iPhone owners not to have some wired headphones in the box.

What’s more, Apple may remove the power adapter from the iPhone 12’s box, too. However, that point is still contested (a little). Either way, we probably don’t have long to wait. The iPhone 12 is rumored to be unveiled at a virtual event on October 13.

Are you upset by the possibility Apple may not include wired EarPods (or a power adapter) in the iPhone 12’s box?