The LA Metro TAP card now supports Express Transit with Apple Pay

Express Transit with Apple Pay makes it easy to use select modes of public transportation, and now folks in the Los Angeles area can take full advantage of it.

Beginning today, users of the Los Angeles Metro Transit Access Pass (LA Metro TAP) can add their card to the Apple Wallet app to use with Express Transit. The LA Metro originally planned to launch this support before the end of 2019, but that obviously didn’t happen. And then, in July, it was confirmed the feature would arrive in 2020.

And sure enough, it’s finally here.

Unfortunately, the LA Metro hasn’t officially announced anything at the time of publication. However, Apple did update a support document regarding the LA Metro TAP card. That was first noticed by Twitter user @Kenjo earlier today.

With this support now live, LA Metro TAP card holders can add it to their Apple Wallet app. This makes the card accessible via the iPhone and/or Apple Watch. With Express Transit support, users will have their card information authenticated without having to unlock the device. It makes it easy to tap-and-go.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should now be able to use the Metro TAP card to quickly use public transit.