Video: The top 30 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.5

Jailbreaking has been picking up steam again thanks to unc0ver and other jailbreaks that work with iOS 13.5. It’s this fresh breath of life that was breathed into the jailbreaking scene earlier in the year that has gotten Harris Craycraft, iDB’s resident videographer, hooked to jailbreaking. In fact, we thought it prudent to ask Harris to create a hands-on video walkthrough of what we think are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.5 at the moment.

Watch our video overview of the top iOS 13.5 jailbreak tweaks embedded below.

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The video covers the following jailbreak tweaks, listed in no particular order:

Harris dipped his toes into jailbreaking before.

Earlier this year, he put together a nice video walkthrough showing you how to to jailbreak an iPhone on iOS 13.5 with the unc0ver jailbraek in under five minutes.

If you liked this video, you’re recommended to check out Anthony’s list of the top jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13¬†. Oh, and don’t forget to watch Harris’s previous video showcasing some of the best jailbreak tweaks and discusses why jailbreaking is very much alive in 2020.