Watch Adobe’s excellent new ad showing how Photoshop unleashes the power of imagination

Photoshop maker Adobe today released a nicely done commercial for its ubiquitous Photoshop image editor. Dubbed “Fantastic Voyage,” the 60-second commercial invites the viewer to “come along on our fantastic voyage thanks to the magic of imagination.”

The video is part of Adobe’s celebration of Photoshop’s 30th birthday this year.

It highlights a woman on her daily commute who is depicted taking advantage of Photoshop to reimagine the world around her. She ultimately ends up transforming her every day, mundane ride into a fantastic voyage to the furthest corners of her imagination.

“The ad shows how Photoshop unleashes the power of imagination—for anyone—by celebrating the fantastic ways you can transform your world using only Photoshop and your imagination,” the company said.

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