WhatsApp is testing new features to help you identify storage hogs

Facebook-owned WhatsApp for iPhone is testing new tools for storage usage along with a feature that will allow you to clear all messages except starred in one fell swoop.

According to WABetaInfo, the new storage-management features are designed to make it easier to free up valuable storage space on your iPhone. You’ll appreciate richer options to make it easy to explore all WhatsApp media in search of the biggest storage hogs.

You’ll find these new tools in the overhauled Storage Usage section of WhatsApp.

One of the features allows you to find and sort forwarded and large files. This should make it faster to identify and remove unnecessary media files from WhatsApp. In addition, it will be possible to search within a specific chat and clear all messages at once except starred.

Lastly, WhatsApp is testing a graphical storage bar as a way of making it easier for users to understand the portion of storage space occupied by WhatsApp.

The features are still under development and unavailable publicly. WhatsApp may ultimately shut down these features if it receives enough negative feedback from beta testers.

WhatsApp is available for free in the App Store.