Apple Stores eliminate Field Trip program due to the coroanvirus

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Apple has been forced to keep many of its physical retail stores closed. That also means that many programs hosted in the physical retail locations have been shut down and/or suspended, including Today at Apple.

And next on the chopping block is Apple Store Field Trips (via 9to5Mac). When you try to find a local Field Trip at an Apple Store, the landing page now reads: “Customers can no longer book Apple Field Trip sessions. However, a new educational experience will take its place — stay tuned.” There aren’t any additional details on the landing page itself, unfortunately.

We can guess that Apple will replace the Field Trip program with something of a digital nature, but it will likely retain the fun nature that the Field Trip program offered. Back in June, Apple launched the Apple Camp at Home program, so it will be interesting to see how the Field Trip’s replacement differs from the other program already available for interested folks.

The Field Trip program was designed for students and educators, between kindergarten and grade 12, to visit a local Apple Retail store and take part in group sessions hosted by an Apple Store employee.

It makes sense for Apple Stores to eliminate the Field Trip program, because gathering in large groups is frowned upon right now. Going with a digital option could offer some innovative ways to show off Apple’s hardware and software, as well as plenty of apps.