Apple Camp 2020 heads online-only with virtual sessions and a self-guided Activity Book

Despite the fact that Apple is reopening many of its retail stores across the globe, the company is still relying on online-only experiences for some important elements.

For instance, this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which starts on Monday, June 22, is still all-digital. Granted, it’s too late to change those plans, so that makes sense. But next up, Apple’s annual Apple Camp effort, which will see the company offering online-only programs for kids between the ages 8 and 12 to enjoy tasks related to coding, video, and art & design.

This summer, Apple Camp gives kids ages 8–12 free, fun, digital programs to experience from their favorite spot at home. Our easy-to-follow Activity Book shows your Camper new ways to create in video, art & design, and coding. We offer live virtual sessions for valuable guidance and to answer any questions you may have to make the most of your time at Apple Camp.

The Activity Book, which is self-guided, is designed to be enjoyed at a personal pace. It’s available as a Pages document, and, like the rest of the Apple Camp and the sessions that are part of it, it’s completely free. Meanwhile, the sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, with the orientations taking up the former time slot, and the Q&A sessions take up the former. They take place via Webex.

If you want to take part in this year’s Camp, you’ll need to get notified of registration opening via Apple’s dedicated website. You can do that right now.

Do you plan on taking part in the latest Apple Camp?