‘The Lullaby of Life’ searches for the origin of life through sound on Apple Arcade

If you’re a subscriber to Apple Arcade, there’s a new game to check out on the subscription service: The Lullaby of Life.

This new title is developed by 1 Simple Game. The developers describe the new game as a way to bring change to an entire universe, describing the player as a “catalyst for change in a universe currently inert but filled with potential”. The Lullaby of Life is designed to be a relaxing experience, and yet it combines dexterity and agility to navigate the universe.

To get there, and to help life bloom throughout, players will use the power of music. You can check out the trailer just below.

1 Simple Game says that wearing headphones while playing The Lullaby of Life is “highly recommended”, and there are no textual elements present in the title.

This looks like a fun experience, one filled with color and music, and should be a nice way to kill some time on your phone.

Apple Arcade is one of Apple’s many subscription services. It retails for $4.99 per month, and when you sign up you get access to over 100 games in the digital library.