Spotify now supports video podcasts

Spotify today announced that it now supports video podcasts across its desktop and mobile apps. The news arrives hot on the heels of the May 19 announcement that “The Joe Rogan Experience,” one of the most popular podcasts, was becoming a Spotify exclusive.

From the announcement:

Many podcast fans love watching their favorite podcasts as much as they enjoy listening to them. Through these visuals, fans can get to know their favorite podcast hosts even better, and creators can more deeply connect with their audiences.

That’s why today, Spotify is unveiling the first version of our new video podcast feature with select podcasts. Now listeners in all markets where podcasts are supported will be able to listen to or watch those podcasts as the feature rolls out.

The Swedish company has lately been investing in the podcast space in an effort to give Apple Podcasts a run for its money. Both free and Premium users of Spotify can tune into video podcasts in all markets where podcasts are supported by hitting the Play button within the desktop or mobile app.

Here are some obvious choices in terms of video podcasts on Spotify:

Just like audio podcasts, video podcasts also sync immediately with your feed.

If you lock your iPhone or quit Spotify while watching a video podcast, the audio will continue to play in the background with minimal data usage (no video). On top of that, you can download the video podcast’s audio portion to your device.

These video podcasts are launching on the Spotify platform in stages so not everyone will have access to the videos from day one. If you don’t see video podcasts in Spotify, check back later.

Do you listen to podcasts on Spotify at all?

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