The Underdogs return in a new short film promoting Apple products while working from home

Working from home is a reality for a lot of people these days in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and Apple continues to show how its range of products can help with productivity.

And now we hav the return of The Underdogs. If you’ll recall, way back in April of 2019 Apple released a short film entitled “Apple at Work”. It focused on a range of characters described as “The Underdogs” in a short film in a workplace environment. The original film was funny and the characters stood out, so it’s not surprising to see Apple bring them back for a new work-from-home update.

Here’s how Apple describes it:

The Underdogs are back, navigating their new normal with lots of unknowns but one reliable constant: Apple helps unleash their creativity and productivity even when they’re working from home.

It’s still a world of deadlines, meetings, group chats, conference calls, coworkers, and bosses. But it’s also a world of kids, a dog, and a hairless cat. And it’s a world where collaboration never misses a beat, whether the team uses iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, or all of the above. Working from home (or working from anywhere) isn’t new, but what you can make happen together is.

This is Apple at Work (from Home)

While The Underdogs are meant to be the star of the new short film, it’s not without its Apple-branded products. We get to see plenty of hardware, including Macs and AirPods, and software, too with the inclusion of FaceTime and Pages.

I’ll just get out of the way and let you check out the short film, which measures in at just under six minutes:

What do you think of the return of The Underdogs? Are you working from home these days? Let us know your at-home setup in the comments below.