How to hide app pages on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad

hide Home screen app pages tutorial

You don’t need to be an obsessive Home screen organizer to realize that your iPhone and iPad apps get cluttered all over the place despite your best efforts to bring some order to your Home screen. iOS and iPadOS 14 help you curate the Home screen just the way you like by letting you make specific app pages invisible. Follow along as we show you how to hide Home screen app pages from plain sight without deleting any apps or filling them in folders.

Messy Home screens are driving us crazy

Only a fraction of the apps we download to our iPhones and iPads from the App Store get used on a regular basis. And as the number of apps we download skyrockets over time, so does the desire to keeping our Home screens organized. You want to be able to get to that app you need right now, without hunting for it across multiple app pages on the Home screen.

Messy Home screen example
I have too many app pages!

I never liked scrolling through multiple pages of apps. I keep my most-often used apps meticulously arranged on page 1. All the other apps I file in categorized folders. Of course, these folders end up being scattered across multiple pages. Despite my best efforts to bring order to Home screen chaos, I still have like fifteen pages of apps on my Home screen.

It’s been driving me crazy, but iOS and iPadOS 14 address this particular pain point.

iOS and iPadOS 14 come to the rescue

In iOS and iPadOS 14, you can tidy up your Home screen by hiding app pages at will.

This is an essential Home screen organization feature for iOS users that was first previewed during Apple’s virtual WWDC 2020 keynote that was held on June 22, 2020.

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If you’re struggling for the best way to arrange apps, why not hide some of the Home screen app pages you rarely use? This won’t delete any of your apps — when you hide a Home screen page full of apps, you can still open an app via the system-wide search feature or App Library.

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In order to take advantage of this feature, you need a compatible device powered by the iOS or iPadOS 14 software or newer and a few minutes of your time. Follow along with our tutorial embedded below for step-by-step instructions explaining how to hide Home screen app pages

How to hide Home screen app pages

Follow these steps if you want to hide Home screen app pages from plain sight:

  1. Enter jiggle mode by tapping and holding a blank area on the Home screen until the icons start moving like they’re doing a dance. Alternatively, tap and hold any app on the Home screen, then choose Edit Home Screen from the popup menu.
  2. When in jiggle mode, tap the app page dots near the screen bottom just above the Dock.
  3. You will now see a birds-eye overview of all the Home screen app pages on the device, with each Home screen thumbnail having a little checkmark below it. Tap these checkmarks to toggle off any Home screen app pages that you wish to temporarily hide from plain sight.
  4. Hit Done near the top-right corner to finish making changes to your Home screen pages or press the Home button on devices without Face ID.
  5. Tap Done one more time to exit out of jiggle mode.

And that’s all there’s to it!

hide Home screen app pages tutorial

Your messy Home screen should be a lot cleaner now, and you’ve only spent a few minutes deciding which app pages to hide. As we mentioned, when you hide app pages from the Home screen, you still can use those apps, as well as find them via Search and App Library.

hide Home screen app pages tutorial
The dots above the Dock show how many pages you have

If you come to the conclusion that this type of Home screen organization isn’t for you after all, no worries — all you have to do is check the app pages that you wish to unhide.

Unfortunately, you cannot rearrange app pages themselves which would’ve been terrific. Also, the App Library page is mandatory and cannot be hidden. And as far as hiding every Home screen goes, you must to have at least one Home screen visible.

Resetting your Home screen layout

This is an awesome Home screen organization feature, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer to manually manage the Home screen layout, more power to you.

But what if you want to move all those app icons back to where they were?

Reset Home screen layout
This reverts your Home screen to its factory layout

You can either do it one by one or have iOS reset your Home screen app icon layout to factory settings with just a few taps in Settings → General → Reset → Reset Home Screen Layout.