Apple delays Dark Sky for Android shutdown until August 1

March 31 feels like forever ago, but if you’ll recall on that date Apple acquired the popular weather app Dark Sky, and, as a result, planned to shut down the app on Android.

When the news broke that Apple had acquired Dark Sky, the initial plan was to shut down the app for Android users on Wednesday, July 1. But, if you’re on Android and still have the app on your phone you may have noticed that the app is still working and it’s officially Thursday, July 2. That’s because it turns out Apple has kept the lights on a bit longer, and the new plan is to shut down the Android app on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

The catch here is that the Dark Sky app does not appear in the Google Play Store any longer, so if you don’t already have the app installed you may be out of luck to still use it. Once August 1 rolls around, the app shutdown will go through and the services will no longer work. If you’re a current subscriber by that date, Apple/Dark Sky will hand over a full refund.

Meanwhile, the Dark Sky website that offers weather forecasts, embeds, and maps will stop working on August 1 as well.

So if you have the Android app, you’ve got another month to use it. This gives you some more time to find a replacement app.