Apple is trying to sway former Apple Arcade subscribers with an extra free month

Apple Arcade offers a free trial to try out the mobile game subscription service, and for some that might be enough. But Apple would very much like some of those customers who may have let their free trials expire without signing up to give the service another shot.

As reported by MacRumors on Wednesday, Apple is sending out emails to some former Apple Arcade customers in an effort to get them back on board with the subscription service. It’s unclear at the time of publication just how many of these emails are going out, and just who might qualify for it. However, it’s likely a safe guess that customers who used the first free trial, and then didn’t sign back up after it expired, are candidates.

The email may be going out to customers who previously were paying the $4.99 per month subscription cost and let it lapse as well.

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Trying to get lapsed subscribers to come back makes sense, especially those who might have signed up right at the Apple Arcade’s launch late last year. There weren’t that many titles available right out of the gate, but, since then, Apple has been adding new titles on a semi-regular basis. So while the subscription service might not have felt worth it to some customers at launch, at just $4.99 per month the extensive (albeit rotating) library might be more of a draw these days.

There is a “Get Started” link within the email that the recipient can click to get started signing up for the additional free month of service. You’ll get a promo code that can be used to get the new trial. It will last a month and then, after that, customers will have the option to cancel the subscription or continue with the service and fork over $4.99 per month.

If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, do you think the service is worth it all these months later? Or have you canceled your subscription and never looked back? If you get this email offer, will you be signing back up?