How to edit the accounts you see in Reminders on iPhone and iPad

Reminders Expanded Accounts iPhone

The Reminders app is a terrific tool for keeping track of lists, to-dos, and of course, reminders. One of the nice features of Reminders is that you can use it for different accounts. So along with iCloud, you can use Reminders for your Google, Yahoo, or Exchange accounts.

When you set up these other accounts on your iPhone or iPad, you have the ability to enable Reminders. But if you didn’t take the time to do so when you connected your account, you may be wondering how to do it later.

This short tutorial shows you how to edit the accounts you see and use in Reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Edit the accounts using Reminders

To add or remove accounts for the Reminders app, you’ll head to your Settings and then follow these steps.

1) In Settings, select Passwords & Accounts.

2) Choose the account from those in your list.

3) Use the toggle next to Reminders to enable or disable it.

If you have been using an account in Reminders and choose to disable it, you’ll be asked to confirm because those reminders will be deleted.

Reminders Disable Accounts iPhone

Expanding and collapsing Reminders accounts

Although it’s a small thing, you can collapse accounts in the Reminders app that you don’t want to view your lists for. For instance, you can have a Hotmail or Exchange folder for that account that contains many reminders.

Tap the arrow next to that account/folder to collapse it. This lets you simply view the name of the account/folder rather than everything within it.

Reminders Collapse Accounts iPhone

This gives you an alternative way to condense the view in Reminders without actually removing the account.

Wrapping it up

Reminders is a handy app for helping you keep up with everything you need to remember to do. So setting it up for productivity is important to keeping you on track.

Do you use the Reminders app for your tasks and to-dos or have you opted for a third-party app? Let us know!